Yolanda (poem)


There were whispers of her coming
On a chilly and cloudy morning.
Her march brought destruction and fear
As I recall the Queen’s visit here.

She commanded the trees to bow
And the seas to dance in waves for her.
I can hear her deathly cry now
As I recall faces in terror.

The eye was her power, her ace,
That even the fiercest beasts can’t face.
Yes, the Queen was stronger than us
As I recall the corpses amassed.

The sun shined and the sky was blue
The day after she left our kingdom.
We, the survivors, knew it was through
As I recollect a peaceful hum.


Yolanda (Haiyan, as known internationally) was strong, but our hearts were mighty when she came to destroy us. So, if you haven’t heard the NEWS yet, a super typhoon struck my place and brought destruction and death in my country yesterday. Living on a small island city of Lapu-Lapu, Cebu, in the Philippines, seems normal for me to experience typhoons annually. But this year is the most destructive (not to mention the recent earthquakes that woke me up instantly) having to experience the arguably strongest recorded typhoon. It was terrifying since we were very close to its eye. Our roof was almost ripped off (my father and I held it for almost three hours with ropes and wires). It’s quite hard posting this poem here with weak internet. But I just wanted to tell you this story and to let the world know that even with this unfortunate event, we are still standing. We are still here.

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